The Coffee Grinder

Isabella “Bella” Amador is a CIA officer hellbent on one purpose. To avenge her lover’s death and take down a brutal Venezuelan general before he overthrows the country. Yet she has a major problem. Before his death at the hands of SEBIN, Venezuela’s secret police, the CIA’s station chief in Caracas sent a cryptic text warning the agency about the presence of a mole. The problem? Bella is a double agent…for Cuba.

Tasked alongside, “shoot first, ask questions later” molehunter Camila Betancourt to go to Venezuela and investigate, they find a country on the edge of economic collapse where bankers, drug dealers, spies and assassins jockey to influence the future of Venezuela. 

Yet as Bella tries to take advantage of a CIA demanding answers and she comes closer to being caught in Camila’s web, she is forced to make a choice. Flee for the safe haven of Havana or risk it all to kill the general before he can kill again?

Now seeking agent representation…